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Hydrotac Stick on Bifocal Prescription Lenses 

Instructions on how to apply Hydrotac bifocal prescription lenses into sunglassesTurn your glasses, sunglasses, diving mask or goggles into bifocals with superior clarity. Great for those with distance prescriptions or for non prescription eyewear.

Hydrotac® Stick-on Bifocal Lenses are soft, pliable plastic lenses shaped in a half-moon. This ultra-thin design clings to the inside of your eyewear through molecular attraction. No adhesives are needed and these flexible lenses leave no residue. They are instantly installed with water and may be removed or reinstalled at any time you choose.

They can be used with traditional, polarised or photochromic sunglasses, narrow lenses or high base curve wraparounds. Hydrotac® Lenses are designed to fit any style. Each lens is optically correct from edge to edge, providing distortion free magnification. They are ideal for sports such as fishing where additional magnification is often required.

Key Lens Features

  • 30mm in diameter
  • Material: Polymer aspheric
  • Removable and reusable
  • Trim with scissors to customise shape
  • Fits ALL Eyewear
  • Contact lenses for your sunglasses


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Stick on Bifocal Lenses

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