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All Ruddy Projexts sunglasses are entirely conceived, designed, engineered and made in Italy using advanced maeterilas and innovative manufacturing processes. They are designed by biometric engineers and tested by professional athletes to provide unparalleled comfort and a perfect fit.

Ruddy Project nose piece options for optimum comfort and perfect fit when wearing their sports prescription sunglassesThe Ergonose system, a proprietary stainless steel core coinjected with a specially formlated thermoplastic elastomer is at the heart of this adjustable nosepiece, offering extraordinary fit factor for any face confiduration. Puddy Project emplys non-slip components that do not fail in the heat of the moment. This unique technology ensures maximum comfort, a perfect fit during any use and eliminates fogging and pinching. This solution maeks thier product a perfect choice for Asian head configurations.

The 360 degree Fully Adjustable Tips cn be adjusted in any direction by applying gentlr pressure. Soft thermoplaxtic skins are mechanically mounted, and thanks to an innovartive system, the T-Lock, they can be substiuted or changed for a unique custom look.

Key materials used are as follows:


Revolutionary aerospatial aluminium alloy which combines Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium; the refined mixture of lightness (Mg), strength (Ti) and elasticity (Si) allowed for the major breakthroughs and radical advances in the design specifications, giving Rudy Project’s engineers the ability to create stunning masterpieces.

The advance and ultralight Kinetyum areopsatial alloy is used to create the ergonomic temples of many Rudy Projects sunglasses. Rudy Project Brand Information Technology Frames Sports Prescription Lifestyle Sunglasses Glasses Goggles

Grilamid TR 55/90 Frame 

The Grilamid TR 55 high quality thermoplastic material, is shock resistant, lightweight and non allergenic. It is used in Rudy Project’s advance sunglasses because of its stability and durability. (Keeps its shape even under stress).

Rudy Project Brand Information Technology Frames Sports Prescription Lifestyle Sunglasses Glasses GogglesGrilamid is flexible, safe and resistant material that Rudy Project uses in many frames to offer durable and comfortable sunglasses.


Strong, low-density, highly corrosion-resistant, metallic element that occurs widely in igneous rocks and is used to alloy aircraft metals for low weight, strength and high-temperature stability. 


A metal composite of sterling silver with a small amount of nickel to increase strength and durability. 

Carbonium Frame 

Composite plastic material mixed with carbon molecules. Offer a lightweight, durable and technical problems. Karboneye ’S temples are made with ultralight and resistant carbon fibre.


A super light alloy mixture of copper and beryllium with special heat treatment to increase durability and flexibility. 


A nickel-copper extraction characterised by a high level of resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures. Excellent elasticity.

Harmonic Steel

Steal combined with manganese silicon that makes it highly malleable and flexible to facilities the insertion of RX Clip-ons.


Soft hypo-allergenic rubber used for temples and nose pads that offer a high degree of elasticity for maximum comfort.