SPIUK Sunglasses

Spiuk's main objective is to offer a top quality products to all cyclists wishing to avail of the latest advances in technology at a price they can afford.

Frame Technology

Spiuk Frame Technology Nose Pads SunglassesNose Pad - Nose pad adjustment to fit different shapes and suit all tastes.


Spiuk Rubber RX Frame Technology SunglassesRubber XT - Hypoallergenic anti-slip elastic material glass frame-face contact areas.


Spiuk Double Inyection Frame Technology SunglassesDouble Inyection - Frame and elastic parts held together by moulded material that delays wear and tear and prevents glasses parts from getting lost.


Lens Technology

Spiuk Lens Technology Luminous Lenses SunglassesLuminous Lenses - Luminous transmittance in the faded T0 54%, Luminous in the darkest state T1 14%.


Spiuk Lens Technology Interchangeable Lenses SunglassesInterchangeable Lenses - Glasses with interchangeable lenses to cater for all light conditions.


Spiuk Lens Technology Polycarbonate Lenses SunglassesPolycarbonate Lenses - Resistant, shatterproof material for highly safe lenses.


Spiuk Lens Technology Ventilated Lenses SunglassesVentilated Lenses - Strategically perforated lenses to avoid misting up in wet conditions. 


Spiuk Lens Technology Polarized Lenses SunglassesPolarized Lenses - Polarized lenses to reduce reflected light for improved visual comfort.