Choosing Sunglasses for Cycling or Mountain Biking

Choosing Sunglasses for Sport- Cycling or mountain BikingAs with all sports, there is no such thing as all-purpose eyewear. For each sport, manufacturers are now developing frames and lens tint that can actually improve your visibility and performance. Choosing the correct eyewear is as important as choosing the right equipment. After all, you wouldn’t use a road bike to go off road. So what eyewear should you consider for cycling or mountain biking in the urban environment or the great outdoors?

The changeable weather conditions from intense sunlight to rain and concerns about flying debris such as dirt and insects in the wind or stones kicked up by tyres provide some clues as to the eyewear required. Eye protection is clearly more important than just looking cool! It is why you do not see many keen cyclists wearing fashion eyewear such as metallic framed Ray bans or D&G sunglasses cruising down the beaten track.

Below are highlighted the key features that you should consider when buying sunglasses for cycling or mountain biking this spring.

Choosing Eyewear for Sport- Cycling and Mountain Biking Frame Material & Style UV Protection Polycarbonate/ NXT Lenses























Choosing Eyewear for Sport- Cycling and Mountain Biking Polarized Lenses Photochromatic Lenses Mirror Coating Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating Anti-Scratch Coating Lens Colour Grey Brown Orange Yellow At night Clear Sunglasses and Safety Glasses men and women




























Choosing Eyewear for Sport- Cycling and Mountain Biking Lens Category Prescription Lenses Sports Eyewear men and women