All You Need to Know About Buying Sports Safety Eyewear

Guide to Buying Sports Safety Eyewear

Progear Eyeguard sports prescription safety glasses for net ballBelow are the most frequent questions we are asked:

Why do I need safety eyewear?

When playing contact sports such as football or squash you need to wear protection that has been designed to do that job. Ordinary spectacles and contact lenses do not protect the eye adequately from impact or projectiles, and on occasions, can be more dangerous if the glass or contact lens shatters or is impacted. Fortunately there has been a great deal of research and technology gone into making sports eyewear that is safe, durable and lightweight.

What type of eyewear do I need?

Look for safety frames that include the following:

  • Impact resistant padding and anti-slip properties such as anti-slip temples and nose pieces.
  • Extra nose padding to create an air gap below the frame or air vents to prevent fogging and provide impact protection.
  • Curved polycarbonate lenses for much better impact resistance and periphery vision compared to normal glasses.
  • Meet European safety standards to protect the eyes from high impact.

Click on the images below for links to all sports safety glasses and sports protective goggles:

Progear sports safety glasses for impact sports such as football, cycling and squash Progear sports safety goggles for impact sports such as rugby, judo and squash

TIP: When you click on the option above with temple arms, even though many of the images do not show a headband, they all include them.

What size of frame should I order?

Measure the width of your existing glasses from the screw hole in one arm to the other and choose a frame that would match this width. We measure our frames in this way and round up to the nearest 5mm. 

Should we choose glasses or goggles?

Either goggles or the sports wrap glasses shown will be ideal for most impact sports as both versions include head straps to hold them firmly on your head. Most people choose glasses as they look similar to sunglasses and look better for use with other sports.

I need a prescription, which type of lenses should I order?

For impact sports, you must choose ‘Sports Lenses’, or ‘Super Sports lenses’. These are polycarbonate and NXT lenses materials respectively that will not break on impact. When you have selected your frame, just click on the 'Prescription available’ icon below the product image and then click on the 'Poly'/NXT icon for all polycarbonate/NXT prescription packages. If you have a high prescription you might want to consider the 'Sports Performance Lenses' package. In addition to being polycarbonate they are also aspheric. This will make the lenses thinner and lighter for those with high power lenses. 

Should I include a tint with my prescription?

In countries such as the UK, incorporating a tint can be problematical in that the chosen tint might not be suitable for the light conditions. However, a light category 1 yellow tint can be advantageous for sports such as football and hockey. It is a contrast tint that will help to highlight the ball against the background enhancing dynamic vision but also clear enough to use in overcast or floodlit conditions.

For those requiring sports prescription safety frames for more prolonged periods during the day such as for motor biking or mountain biking, photochromic lenses are ideal. They will adjust the tint density of the lens to the light condition enabling you to use them throughout the day in any condition.

Skateboarding wearing Wiley X sports prescription safety glassesDo I need additional lens coatings for sport?

All our lenses include a hard coating. In addition, we also offer a ‘Crystal Clear’ lens coating option with all prescription packages. In addition to the hard coating, they also include an anti-reflective and a hydrophobic coating. If you are playing sport indoors, there is little need for the ‘Crystal Clear’ option. However, for playing sport outdoors you might want to consider this option. Though the anti-reflective coating might offer limited benefit relative to those wearing normal glasses, the hydrophobic coating is useful to have in rainy conditions. This oil and water repellent coating is similar to a wax coating on a car, it helps to shed water droplets, avoiding smearing. It also facilitates the removal of grease marks making cleaning easier, keeping your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer.

How do I place prescription order online? 

We have provided a step by step guide. Please click here

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Once you have placed your order it usually takes about a week to deliver a clear prescription to you. If you have them tinted, please allow up to two weeks.

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