Step by Step Guide to Ordering Sports Prescription Safety Eyewear

How to order prescription glasses online

If you require a prescription with your sports safety glasses just follow the following steps:

Step 1. Find the prescription package you need.

Choose the style of frame, the frame colour and frame width required and then click on the ‘Prescription available' icon below the product image.

Progear Eyeguard sports prescription safety glasses

Progear Eyeguard sports prescription safety glasses colour options

 Progear Eyeguard sports prescription safety glasses size optionsPrescription Available icon will take you to the Prescription Selector



This will show you all the prescription options available for your chosen frame as can be seen below. Click on the icons that meet your requirement in the four horizontal boxes. This will narrow down your choice so that you can browse through the prescription packages at the bottom of the screen relevant to your need. If you are unsure of what to choose, just hold your cursor over the icons for more information to guide you through the process.

Tip: For sports protective eyewear you will need to select either the ‘Poly’ or ‘NXT icons for the type of lens required. These are designed for impact resistance and will protect your eyes in sports such as football, cycling or squash against fast moving object.

How to Choose your Prescription Package for Sports Safety Glasses and Sunglasses












Step 2. Choose you prescription.

At the bottom of the screen is a slider bar with a summary of the key features of the prescription packages that meets your need. It includes important information such as the sphere and cylinder range available and other options that might be required such as a bifocal.

Browse through your selected packages and click on the ‘More info’ button below them to provide more details about the specific package. Once selected click on the ‘Add to Basket’. This will tie your frame and prescription option together and guide you through the login/registration process.

How do I to CSports Prescriptions Packages for glasses and sunglasses







Step 3. Enter your prescription details.

At this stage you will be requested to login or register your details. You will then be directed to select your requirement and load your prescription as seen below.

Enter your prescription usage, Lense Tints and Lens Category

Most sports people either require a distance prescription or one with a bifocal (Distance and reading prescription). Depending on your sport you might also need a tint. Click on the options required and then click ‘continue’

Tip: If you require a bifocal, when you load your prescription, let us know which sport you use your eyewear in the comments box available. We will then set your reading distance and size optimally for you so that it minimises any interference with your distance vision.

Your prescription usage - Select your options

Enter your prescription details

Enter the details from your prescription. We will also need your pupillary distance (PD).This is the distance between the pupils of your eyes. You can either ask your optician or just measure it yourself. If you decide to measure it, please click here for guidance. If you have any issues or concerns, just leave a message in the comments box provided.
Tip: We only need the prescription details that your optician has provided and your PD. Some customers have complex prescriptions so we need to provide options for them to provide these extra details. So don’t worry if you only have Spheres or Spheres, Cylinders and Axis information.

Enter your prescription details






Why choose Eyekit for your prescription?

At eyekit we only offer the latest, highest quality, prescription lenses from the best manufacturers in the UK and Europe. They are equal to the quality of lenses provided by independent opticians and in most cases will surpass the quality of lenses provided by the multiples in the high street. As we provide specialist prescriptions for elite sports enthusiasts and the most demanding environments, we also use some of the best glazers in the UK and Europe. In addition, as qualified opticians and as part of our customer care process, all lenses are tested by us to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.