Get a FREE Camelbak Chute® Mag when purchasing Wiley X Valor Kryptek Typhon Frame

Camelbak Chute with Wiley X Valor sunglasses combo dealThe WX Valor with Kryptek camo is unlike traditional stick and leaf camouflage. It incorporates micro and macro layering that is inspired by artillery camouflage netting. This creates a 3D appearance on a 2D surface and near-invisibility. Using laser-retinal-tracking it is proven that it took subjects longer to locate people wearing Kryptek camouflage than any other. Together the pattern and the shape of the style results in a cool eyewear for the outdoor life with great durability.

The typhoon pattern provides a unique and distinct dark camouflage and for the month of October or while stocks last will be available with a free Camelbak Chute. 

The Camelbak Chute is a leakproof Tritan drinking bottle with an angled spout for easy drinking and incorporates a magnetic top that secures the cap when open.

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