Making the Right Choice

At Eyekit we want to ensure you make the right choice and purchase frames and accessories that meet your need. Whether it is a particular style or performance requirement, we have developed a site that is rich in information about the products we sell. By taking advantage of this facility we hope you will be able to make better decisions about your requirements.

1.    Find our more about your requirement

It is always better to be able to make a more informed buying decision. It will give you confidence that the product you purchase meets your need and can avoid disappointment later if you are not aware of better alternatives. As with many product categories, there has been hugh advances in technology to improve vision and eyewear performance. This is why we have developed an information resource that enables you to quickly appreciate the options available to you. We suggest that you browse the information resource first before using our advanced search facility to hone in on your requirements. This has been deliberately placed at the top of our home page for ease of access. It can also be accessed on all product pages below the search criterion on the left hand side of the page.


2.    Choosing your Eyewear

Advanced Search

Each category of eyewear that you select has its own advanced search facility down the left hand side of the page. Whether you are interested in sunglasses that perform well in a particular sport or leisure activity or require a brand that performs best in a particular light condition, you can click on the boxes in the search facility. Click the ‘Search’ box at the bottom of the selection criterion tabs when you have selected your options. Each time you click on a new box and press ‘Search’ again, the system will take your choices from your previous selection and make a sub selection. You can do this until you have a manageable choice that meets your needs (or run out of products if we cannot meet your exact requirements). If you are not happy with your choice, you can always go back to the top of the selection criterion, click ‘all sunglasses’, if that is the category you are searching and start again.

Key Features and Recommended Usage

UV 100% What Are the Key Features and Recommended Usage Prescriptions glasses and sunglasses men and womenOnce you have a manageable selection you can click on the individual pictures to examine the product in detail. A unique feature of this web site is that we have included ‘Key Features at a glance’ icons below every product. This will give you a quick summary of their performance characteristics and key attributes. Move your cursor over each icon for an explanation. It will quickly enable you to determine if the eyewear meets your need and value criterion. The icons under ‘Recommended Usage’ in the sunglasses section will also provide an overview of where they are best used. Other unique features are included at the top right of the product pages. Most sunglasses include lenses that are suitable for certain weather conditions. A quick glance at the ‘Environmental Suitability’ icons will let you know the conditions for best use.

Finally, the tabs at the bottom of each product page allow you to find out more about the product or brand and enable you to select additional accessories to go with your choice.