Half Price Polarised Prescription Lenses

Take advantage of our special offer on polarised prescription lenses this autumn 

Winter is coming and it's bringing glare. 

So to help you beat off the winter blues and keep out the glare we are offering half price off our Polarised Lifestyle Prescription Packages until 25/11/2017.

This is an offer for half price prescription lifestyle lenses including our Lifestyle Lenses- Polarised Crystal Clear range.

These are available on all our sunglasses prescription ranges and the prescription are available in three different tints: Brown, Grey and Green.

All you need to do is:

✔ pick out your prescription sunglasses frame


and bobs your uncle you've got yourself a pair of prescripiton sunglasses.

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Why Polarised Lenses Will Help You When You're Driving?

Here's a picture to explain it too you:



Light waves travel in all directions. When light hits a surface, typically lightwaves are absorbed and/or reflected in a random manner.

However, if light hits a reflective surface (such as water, snow, even cars or buildings) at just the right angle some of the vertical light waves are absorbed while horizontal light waves bounce off the surface, creating glare.

The low light that you will experience during winter will only increase these light waves.

Polarised lenses work by reducing or cutting out the light waves cause by these reflections.

Simple right?

By having polarised lenses you have a higher definition for driving, removed dazzling effects and reduced eye fatigue. 

If you want more information on polarised lenses CLICK HERE 

So what are the advantages of polarised lenses?

✔Block 100% of UVA & UVB light

✔ Improves visual comfort

✔ Improves contrast and visual clarity

✔ Reduces eyestrain

 Allows for true perception of colors

✔ Reduces reflections and eliminates glare

This Lifestyle lens is part of the NuPolar brand of lenses these perform better than most other lenses  in many crucial tests of polarizing efficiency, heat stability, film adhesion, color stability etc. NuPolar lenses are available in more colors, styles and materials to fit your life than any other Rx polarized lens.

Safety Standards

                ✔ Conforms to ANSI Z80.3 Standard for Traffic Signal Recognition

This offer is only for CR39 (Lifestyle) Lenses. Although these lenses are great for driving they are not recommend for motorbiking riding. Please remember that all prescription lenses are made bespoke and tailored to your prescription so can take up to three weeks to be delivered.