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  • Bolle Sunglasses 11556 Diablo Shiny Blue Photo Rose Gun Anti-Fog
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Bolle Sunglasses Diablo - Available with Prescription

The Bolle Performance collection are for those who require a technological edge. Their distortion-free, precision optics improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, giving athletes of every level an edge against the competition. 

Frame Key Features

  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece - Ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage.
  • Adjustable Nose Pads - They help to keep the frames secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose.
  • Anti-Slip Temples - Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.
  • Wrapped frame & temples – Extensive curvature provides for the widest field of vision as well as optimum proctection for the eye area. Provides better ergonomic profile for firm fitting on face or head.
  • Carrying Case - Includes a hard case and microfibre cloth.

Lens Key Features

  • Lens Material – PolycarbonateThey are light yet offer good shock resistance. Great for sport and general purpose wear.
  • Lens Filter – PhotochromicThey are a state-of-the-art, high contrast, light reactive lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions providing comfortable vision whatever the light intensity.
  • Lens Category – Cat. 2 to 3. With a visible light transmission of 35% to 12%, they are ideal for wearing in cloudy to bright sunny days.
  • Lens Curvature – 8 base. Improves awareness and offers better periphery vision.
  • Flash Mirror Coating - flash or mirror coating is good for situations that require a reduction in the overall brilliance of light, such as sunlight on snow, roads or water. Offer extra protection agains infrared rays.
  • 100% UV Protection - Protects your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  • Grey Tint - Faithful colour reproduction.

        Prescription Packages

        These Bolle sports sunglasses were designed to take most prescriptions that will fit directly into the frame. If required click on 'Prescription available' icon and select the prescription package you need. Once selected, your prescription will be incorporated into your selected eyewear. Run by qualified opticians, and as part of our customer care process, all eyewear are tested by eyekit to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.

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        More about the Brand

        About the Brand-Bolle Google, Glasses and SunglassesBolle Sunglasses and Goggles

        Bolle sports prescription eyewear brand logoBolle started in 1888 in the small town of Oyonnax, nestled on the edge of the French Alps. That’s where Seraphin Bolle and his son pursued their passion, utilizing a mix of innovation, self-sufficiency and plain hard work to create Bolle. To this day, they employ that same alpine attitude in everything they do, creating eyewear with a mix of cutting-edge technology and pure intuition.

        More about the Tech

        About the Brand Technology- Bolle Sunglasses Prescriptions Sports for Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearBolle Sunglasses

        Bolle think a lot about technology: how it can optimize performance, fit and style to get lens-to-frame synchronicity - Sunglasses that hug your face and share your vision.

        Bolle Sunglasses Frame Technology

        Microfusion - Exclusive to Bolle, Microfusion involves injecting molten metal alloys into custom moulds, giving you highly precise styling and design. This advanced process is also used on Bolle’s machine stamped and hand-finished frames.

        About the Brand Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- B88 Frame Prescriptions Sports for Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearB88 Frames – Bolle use the finest grade nylon to give you incredibly lightweight, durable and flexible frames. This unique material composition also allows for visually stunning designs in any shape or thickness – without compromising durability.

        About the Brand Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- Wire-Core Temple Tips Prescriptions Sports for Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearWire-Core temple tips – Bolle wire-core temple tips allow you to fully customize your fit, ensuring your comfort while giving you a
        competitive edge.



        About the Brand Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- Themogrip Prescriptions Sports Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearThermogrip - Bolle Thermogrip keeps your glasses on your face. It utilizes comfortable, hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips that absorb
        moisture and keep your sunglasses in place –so you can focus on what’s really important.


        Bolle Sunglasses Lens Technology

        All Bolle lenses exceed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and CE marked requirement for UV protection, impact resistance
        and optical clarity. They have developed a number of lens options as follows:

        About the Brand Lens Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- Modulator Lens Prescriptions Sports Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearModulator Lens – These are photochromic lenses that use Active Cell Technology working at a molecular level to lighten or darken the lens, giving you the optimal light transmission for your current environment. The Modulator Lens adjusts so your eyes don’t have to. The photochromic technology is embedded within the lens, under a highly protective hard coat.

        About the Brand Lens Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- Polarization Lens Prescriptions Sports Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearPolarization Lens – These polarizing lenses align light rays from the sun, giving crystal-clear view at all times. So whether it is a ski slope, trout stream or highway, you will be able to see what’s really ahead.


        B-Clear Lens – Road sport demands the most from you and your equipment, where crystal-clear vision is paramount to success on the bike, track or trail. B-Clear lenses, as does glass, enhance your ability to see what’s coming at you, and who you have left behind. Bolle use ultra-lightweight Trivex NXT lens material – the same material used by Eyekit in our NXT prescription packages, to provide unparalleled clear vision, enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills that are compulsory to perform at the highest level. Maximum impact resistance keeps road debris where it belongs – on the road. A dual sided hydrophobic/oleophobic coating keeps your view perspiration free and makes cleaning a cinch.

        About the Brand Lens Technology- Bolle Sunglasses- B20.3 Polycarbonate Lenses Prescriptions Sports Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewearB20.3 Polycarbonate Lenses – Bolle polycarbonate lenses are made from premium-grade resin, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and three times lighter, with unrivalled optical precision and clarity.


        Bolle Prescription Lens Technology

        About the Brand Bolle Prescription Lens Technology Glasses, Goggles Sunglasses Prescriptions Sports for Men and Women skiing snowboarding eyewear

        Frame Colour: Shiny Blue
        Lens Colour: Light Rose to Dark Rose + Silver Mirror
        Product Code: 11556
        Fit Face Size:
        • Large

        Dimensions (DBL & Width):

        Lens Diameter Bridge Width Arm Length Frame Width
        Lens Diam. Bridge Width Arm Length Frame Width
        63 17 116 135

        Environmental Suitability:

        Suitable for low light conditionsSuitable for very low light conditions

        Key Features at a glance

        Anti-Slip Nose PieceAnti-Slip TemplesBranded Icon on TemplesDirect

        NXT Lenses React to light (Photochromic) LensesImpact Resistant LensesAdvanced Visual Optics 100% Ultraviolet ProtectionEasy Clean CoatingHydrophobic CoatingScratch Resistant CoatingAnti-Fog CoatingMirror/Flash Coating Category 2 - 3

        Soft Carrying Case

        Recommended Usage

        Suitable for multi-sports

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