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  • Red Bull Sunglasses RBR196 001 Matt Black Black Rubber Smoke Red Revo
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Red Bull Sunglasses RBR196 Available with Prescription  

The Life-Tech collection offers the highest levels of comfort in conjunction with innovation materials. The extreme lightness of the models is paramount and comes with clear, flowing lines dimensional stability and a straightforward design, resulting in a ideal collection for sporty lifestyle men passionate about clear minimalist design.

Frame Key Features

  • Anti-Slip Nose Piece - Ensures maximum comfort and eliminate slippage.
  • Adjustable Nose Pads - They help to keep the frames secure on your face and prevent them from sliding down your nose.
  • Anti-Slip Temples - Incorporates non slip components, helping to keep the frame securely on your face.
  • Adjustable Temple Tips - The temple tip can be adjustable in any direction and incorporate non slip components. This technology improves comfort, provides a perfect fit during any use and eliminates pinching.
  • Carrying Case - Includes a hard case and microfiber cloth.

Lens Key Features

  • Lens Material – NXTIts transparency and stability over time are exceptional (no cracking). It is ultra-light, has exceptional optics, is unbreakable and solvent-resistant.
  • Lens Category – Cat. 3. With a visible light transmission of 15%, they are ideal for sunny conditions.
  • Lens Curvature – 6 base. Improves awareness and offers better periphery vision.
  • Hydrophobic Coating - Similar to a wax coating on a car, it helps to shed water droplets and grease marks keeping your lenses clearer and cleaner for longer.
  • Anti-reflective Coating - Prevents those annoying reflections on the inside of the lens, eliminating interference glare and reducing eye strain.
  • Flash Mirror Coating - flash or mirror coating is good for situations that require a reduction in the overall brilliance of light, such as sunlight on snow, roads or water. Offer extra protection agains infrared rays.
  • 100% UV Protection - Protects your eyes against harmful UV rays.
  • Grey Tint - Faithful colour reproduction.

Prescription Packages

These Red Bull sports sunglasses were designed to take most prescriptions that will fit directly into the frame. If required click on 'Prescription available' icon and select the prescription package you need. Once selected, your prescription will be incorporated into your selected eyewear. Run by qualified opticians, and as part of our customer care process, all eyewear are tested by eyekit to ensure they meet the correct UV rating and your exact prescription before being dispatched.

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    More about the Brand

    Red Bull Glasses and Sunglasses

    Red Bull Logo Sunglasses Prescription Eyewear Sports Lifestyle Fashion FramesRed Bull started out as the brand that gives you wings with their Red Bull Brand Image Sports Sunglasses Eyewear Prescription Fashion Frames Lifestyleenergy drink before moving on to sponsoring extreme sports competition and dominating the F1 track with their Infiniti Red Bull Racing. They have now applied the same high technological designs, sporty and unique construction they used in Formula 1 to their collection of eyewear. They have borrowed materials from F1 creating extreme lightness and flexibility in their collection whilst injecting Red Bull’s sense of fun and colour into the design.

    Their collections range from sports to high tech to lifestyle from sunglasses to optical frames to goggles. An eyewear frame to suit every part of your life. 

    More about the Tech

    Red Bull Logo Sunglasses Eyewear Prescription Sports Fashion Frames Lifestyle

    Frame and Lens Technology 


    XNL-Xtreme Nylon Lens: is a new innovative lens material. This is the world’s lightest ophthalmic lens material.

    • Best organic  material
    • Prefect replication and clear view
    • Highest degree of safety, unbreakable
    • Lightest lens material in the world
    • 100% UV Protection


    (used in their High-Tech Range) 

    Carbon is one of the the ten most commonly occurring elements. This carbon fibre technology was originally used in the construction of Formula One cars and some car body parts even consist of fibreglass reinforced polyurethane.

    • Ultra lightness - 14 grams per glasses
    • Extreme resistance
    • Highest quality
    • High comfort when wearing


    (used in their Sports-Tech Range)

    Xtreme Matrix Polymer is the world’s most elaborate thermoplastic material. It is used in their Formula 1 cockpits to reinforce, support and strengthen Kevlar and carbon fibre. It is extremely flexible and at the same time durable, crack resistant and comfortable to wear. 

    • Resilience
    • Flexibility 
    • Lightness
    • Impact resistance
    • High comfort when wearing

    Stainless Steel

    (used in their Life-Tech Range)

    Stainless Steel is a steel grade with an especially high purity, elasticity and dimensional stability. 

    • Extreme durability
    • High flexibility
    • Lightness
    • High comfort when wearing


    (used in both the Life-Tech and Sports-Tech Range)

    TR90 is transparent polyamide formed a mix of thermoplastic granulates. It is primarily characterised  by it light weight, elasticity and extreme strength.

    • Ultra lightness
    • Flexibility
    • Extreme strength
    • High comfort when wearing
    Frame Colour: Matt Black Black Rubber
    Lens Colour: Smoke Red Revo
    Product Code: RB196-001
    Fit Face Size:
    • Medium
    • Large

    Dimensions (DBL & Width):

    Lens Diameter Bridge Width Arm Length Frame Width
    Lens Diam. Bridge Width Arm Length Frame Width
    59 14 137 135

    Environmental Suitability:

    Suitable for sunny conditions

    Key Features at a glance

    Anti-Slip Nose PieceAdjustable Nose PadsAnti-Slip TemplesAdjustable Temple TipsBranded Icon on TemplesDirectNew This Year

    NXT Lenses Impact Resistant LensesAdvanced Visual Optics 100% Ultraviolet ProtectionHydrophobic CoatingAnti-Reflective CoatingMirror/Flash Coating Category 3

    Hard Carrying Case

    Recommended Usage

    Suitable for general wear

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